Leo Club Assists at the Coventry Woods Bonfire

Monday, 06 November 2017 19:17 Youth Programs Director

Members of OJR's High School's Leo Club Offer Their Assistance at the Coventry Woods Bonfire

The Coventry Woods Events Committee for the annual Bonfire requested help from the Leos in the following areas: parking donation collection, kid’s games supervision, and night hike leaders.

Colleen Skelton, member of the North Coventry Parks & Recreation Commission, had this to say about the attending Leos:

"I am always in awe of the maturity and kindness these young adults show when put in a position of responsibility in a public event. They are a great example of the future we hope to see. They all jumped right in to help where needed without prior notice. They formed an assembly line to pack up the s'mores bags and manned the table to sell them. I felt very confident leaving them with the money to count and collect as needed.
I watched as a young man knelt down to the child's level to give them their prize at the games. And another student lean down to their level to hand a younger child a bean bag while they were playing the bean bag toss. Not a big deal to some, but the children smiled back.
You have a great group of students. I understand there are over 250 students in the Leos this year. What a great start to community service and our future leaders.
Thank you again and many students said they would be back in the spring to help with the festival even though they completed their hours for the year."
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