HS Leo Club Inducts 50 New Members

Thursday, 01 June 2017 15:28 John McCormick

HS Leo Club Inducts 50 New Members

On June 1st. 50 new members joined the ranks of the already large Leo Club at OJR. Over 50 incumbent members met the criteria set before them to maintain their standing as a Leo. With Graduation and the end of the school year just days away, the High School Leos are still involved in volunteering in activities that benefit our community. Recently two activities. The Battle of the Bands and a Super Smash Brothers Tournament, helped raise funding for some of the community services the Leos provide. Please check out the myriad of activities and service projects the Leos have been involved in this year by clicking on "Youth Programs" and "Leo Clubs"

5/9/17 - The OJRHS Leo Club is continuing to work hard to serve our community and represent our high school and the Coventry Lions Club with pride.  A total of 206 students in grades 9-12 have participated in some capacity with our club this school year, with 46 members having already met their annual requirements for the current year, and dozens more likely to meet the requirements over the next two weeks.  Our club has volunteered at 35 different events as of today, and have several most activities planned during the next month.

As of today, club members have logged 755 hours of service since September.  We hope to surpass 1000 hours, as a club, by the end of the school year.  In additional to sending volunteers to support activities at our local elementary levels and a few local non-profit organizations, our club has organized a project to clean and rehabilitate the Chestnut Hill entrance to Coventry Woods, helped host this year’s Leo Club Rally, the 3rd annual OJRHS Challenge Day, has provided academic tutoring to high school students, will be hosting the annual OJRHS Battle of the Bands and Super Smash Bros. tournament.

Our club members are appreciative of the support that the Coventry Lions provide to our club, including the financial assistance with running the annual OJRHS Challenge Day and senior scholarships.  We look forward to growing our club and further serving the community next year!



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